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When it comes to your family, we care as much as you do! That is why Diamond Mountain Ranch provides food that is all natural, all the time! No growth hormones, no preservatives, no GMO’s!

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Shredded Beef Flautas

Add a little Mexican to your meal menu this week! These flautas made with our natural, grass-fed beef are family favorites guaranteed to please.  Ingredients: 1 lb. Grass-fed Beef Cross-Rib Steak 1 Onion, sliced 1 (4oz.) can Green Chilies 3/4 cup Beef Broth Flour...

Ranch 02-02-2012 170Diamond Mountain Ranch is an all-natural, family-run ranch nestled in the hills of northern California. We provide high quality, free range, grass fed food to the golden state. Our animals include chicken, pork, beef, rabbits, lamb, and our specialty: Bison.

You read right! Diamond Mountain Ranch is one of only a handful of fully functioning bison ranches in California! 500 acres of pasture houses a few hundred head of bison.

For more information on the animals we raise and to find out where you can purchase our meat, take a look around our website or contact us at any time.

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It’s no secret, at Diamond Mountain Ranch our main goal and desire is to raise the best quality, natural animals possible. We supplement with the most innovative methods of feed while remaining true to our belief that grass-fed animals are the healthiest to raise and eat. We have traveled the nation buying the top placing bulls at the most pristine shows. In essence, we have established an elite herd of the most desirable males in the nation.

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