All Natural, All the time!

When it comes to your family, we care as much as you do! That is why Diamond Mountain Ranch provides food that is all natural, all the time! No growth hormones, no preservatives, no GMO’s; just top quality prime grass fed meat!

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The North American Bison is a large grazing mammal with many uses; the Native Americans have used all parts of this majestic animal as a food source, for clothing, tools, and crafts.

Heritage Hogs

We feed our heritage breed pigs a top quality grain based feed, while supplying them with plenty of fruit and veggie scraps from the meals we prepare. If we wouldn’t eat it ourselves, neither do our pigs!


We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with a local farmer to expand our meat rabbit production. As we work together, both ranches will produce rabbits to satisfy the demand for this delicious meat.


Our chickens have access to ample plant and bug life for feed with minor grain supplements. At night, and during the hottest hours of the days, they find shelter from predators and the elements in their over-sized luxury coop.